Archives and History
The Archives and History Committee is charged with collecting and preserving the documents, publications, photographs, and other materials that document the history of the Rotary Club of Knoxville.

Digital Media
The purpose of this committee, in coordination with the Club Administrator, is to maintain the club's website and other digital media by assuring that information content is accurate, complete, and current and that they fully serve the needs of the members.  Also, when needed, the committee reviews the information technology needs of the club, in coordination with the Club Administrator and Club Officers, to assess, acquire, and implement technologies that will assure the effectiveness of the club and its operation.

The function of the Newsletter Committee is to assure that current information about the activities of the club is furnished to each club member, other Rotary clubs in the Knoxville area, and to the district officers. In coordination with the Club Administrator, the committee provides this information by preparing and distributing the weekly club newsletter, The Rotary Forward.

Public Information
The purpose of this committee is to disseminate information to the general public regarding the Rotary Club of Knoxville's scope, activities, and history. The committee also assists in publicizing all Rotary activities within the club, and performs other public information duties as determined by the club leadership.

The purpose of this committee is to review each new member application to determine the appropriate classification category.

Information and Education
The purpose of the committee is to inform and educate prospective, new, and former Rotarians about the Rotary Club of Knoxville and Rotary International.

Membership Development/Retention
The purpose of this committee is to personally encourage members of the Rotary Club of Knoxville to propose qualified individuals as prospective new members. The committee attempts to involve all members of the Rotary Club of Knoxville and encourages proposal of individuals from a broad cross-section of executives in business, manufacturing, service, professional, and non-profit organizations.

To encourage members to constantly strive for 100% attendance.

Business and Professional
The purpose of the Business and Professional Committee is to identify and sponsor networking opportunities for club members and their businesses, which may include from time to time a tradeshow where members can provide displays and information about their company or profession.

Four-Way Test
The purpose of the Four-Way Test Committee is to sponsor an annual award to recognize a new Rotarian who has demonstrated a commitment to the principles embodied in the Four Way Test, and to encourage the members to recite and remember the Four Way Test at each weekly meeting.

The purpose of this committee is to assimilate new members into the club by having them form a class that will assist in improving new member retention and select and carry out a service project during the Rotary year.  This committee will consist of all new members from the last eighteen months.

To provide high quality, informative programs for the weekly luncheon meetings for the Rotary Club of Knoxville.

Social Activities
The committee plans events where Rotarians and their families can get better acquainted with one another and have a good time.

The purpose of this committee is to recruit a member of the club to offer the invocation for each weekly meeting and to encourage awareness and use of the Rotary Club of Knoxville Prayer Book.

The purpose of the Fellowship Committee is to promote acquaintance and friendship among members, visiting Rotarians and guests.

Fundraising Events
The purpose of this committee is to organize, implement, and generate enthusiasm for social and other events that will generate revenue to fund local and international service projects. Committee members will assist in selling tickets to members of the Rotary Club of Knoxville; acquire corporate sponsorships and tables; and secure in-kind donations of resources necessary to make the events successful.

Member Outreach/Memorial Resolutions
To prepare memorial resolutions for the Club's adoption following the death of a member of the Rotary Club of Knoxville.

The committee is focused on setting the state and mood for the club meeting by leading the members in singing a song at the beginning of each meeting.

The committee is to assure that each person attending the Rotary meeting is registered at the sign-in table. This is to include each member, visiting Rotarians, Rotary spouses, the media, the speaker, and any other guests.

Employer/Employee Relations
The purpose of the Employer/Employee Relations Committee is to provide an annual event that provides for the recognition of the employees of club members who exemplify high standards of work and behavior.

Arts Education Outreach
The purpose of the Arts Education Outreach Committee is to identify, plan, and implement Rotary projects that will benefit the community by furthering arts and culture education.

Education Recognition
Each year for many years the Rotary Club of Knoxville has honored outstanding local elementary and high school educators as a way of recognizing and supporting the important role of teachers in our community.

The purpose of this committee is to support current literacy needs as well as initiate and support positive changes in attitude and service toward literacy issues locally, nationally, and internationally through Rotary Club of Knoxville. Academic, social, and cultural literacy is essential to the quality of life of individuals within out society as well as for the well-being of our communities. The Literacy Committee seeks to be a driving force in achieving and sustaining a literate community.

RFK Scholarship Awards
The committee selects and provides four-year college scholarships to worth local youths with the understanding that funds will be made available each semester as acceptable academic progress reports are received. The committee shall also provide support for Tennessee School for the Deaf in achieving its goal of providing education to children who are deaf, including handling of the Ethel Poore award at the school.

Rotary Club of Knoxville 2018 Scholarship Application

End Polio Now
The purpose of the committee is to assist in furthering the RI End Polio Now and Polio Plus efforts, including raising funds for Rotary's Gates Challenge Grant for the Rotary Foundation from the club members and general public.

International Fellowship
The purpose of the committee is to increase awareness of the international contacts that can be made in the local community through Rotary Programs that bring international people to the area, i.e., Rotary's Vocation Training Teams program. The committee looks for opportunities to enhance international contacts at all levels. When programs are selected, the committee members will help to coordinate the event and gain the involvement of other Rotarians.

Reviewing Committee for RI Scholarships
The purpose of the committee is to increase awareness of the Rotary Global Grant Scholarships and to encourage and recommend qualified young people to apply for such scholarships through the Rotary District 6780 scholar selection committee. In addition, the committee members serve before, during , and after as ongoing contacts, resources, and mentors to those student(s) chosen to receive Global Grant Scholarships.

Rotary International Foundation
The purpose of the committee is to inform the membership about the mission, activities, needs, and opportunities of the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International, and elicit from the membership financial and participatory support for the Foundation. These include Paul Harris Fellows, the Paul Harris Society, the annual STAR Club designation, and other RI support activities. In addition, the committee will continue the club's program of participation in Rotary International's effort to successfully complete the worldwide eradication of Polio.

World Community Service
The purpose of the committee is to plan and carry out international projects and programs. It maintains and builds on the club's continuing active Twin Club partnerships with the Rotary Clubs of Mateszalka, Hungary, Knysna, South Africa. WCS holds five evening pot-luck dinner socials/committee meetings in homes of committee members throughout the year. Spouses/significant others are invited and members responsible for the individual projects make status reports at each meeting and discuss opportunities for other members as well as all Rotarians to participate in the projects.

International Grants 2017-18 and 2018-19

Community Rotaract
The purpose of the committee is to provide support for the goals and activities of the local community Rotaract Club.

Free Flu Shot Saturday
The purpose of the committee is to help organize, support, and staff Knoxville's Citywide Free Flu Shot Saturday each fall. This one-day effort helps assure good personal health in the community and exemplifies Rotary Service Above Self.

The purpose of the committee is to provide support for the club-sponsored Interact Club at Knoxville Catholic High School and Webb School of Knoxville. The committee is also responsible for identifying and sponsoring attendees to Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) each fall. RYLA is a Rotary District-sponsored weekend camp program that is held to encourage and develop leadership skills in young people.

Local Community Service
The purpose of the committee is to plan and carry out local service projects and programs. Such projects and programs shall be chosen by vote of club members or other method of achieving consensus. The committee shall assure participation of club members in World Rotary Week each February. Coordinating with the two Assistant District Governors that select and direct WRW activities in the Knoxville area the committee generates enthusiasm and mobilizes club member volunteers to help carry out the designated project.

RCK Peace Committee
The purpose of the committee is to support peace-building in the Knoxville community through the study of conflict, conflict resolution training and through the exploration of the greatest needs and opportunities for RCK to have a sustainable impact on and within our community.

UTK Rotaract
The purpose of the committee is to provide support for the goals and activities of Rotaract Club at the University of Tennessee.


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